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Ocean Survival

You never know when you may be stranded in the ocean. Whether it be a plane crash, a sinking boat, or getting swept out to sea, the isolation of being stranded in the ocean can be a frightening experience.

Follow these survival tips to keep yourself alive in the open ocean until rescue comes with us, because you go swimming proficiency is not enough to survive in the middle of the sea in the event of an emergency that requires you to leave the ship. to survive in such circumstances we have to know a wide range of rescue tools and how to use them.


Lifeboat or rescue boat is more often referred to the liferaft. liferaft is a rescue boat on board as a means to save themselves for all the crew ship in danger that requires crew and passenger to get out and get away from the ship. This liferaft can accommodate a crew of 10 to 25 crew. This capacity depends on the size of the ship which is in the riding and the number of crew on the ship. This liferaft will hang on the edge of the starboard (star board side) or left ship (port side).

it will be a tubing hanger which is usually white. Sametime in case of danger, the cartridge will be thrown into the sea so as to inflate automatically once retractable safety rope.

Do you know any of the content of this liferaft ??

The following is the safety gear in liferaft


1. The food ration

2. The water ration

3. The fishing kit

4. the throw line appliance

5. Glue

6. Oak or leadle

7. Floating knife

8. Lumineous signal

  • Orange smoke signal 2 pcs

  • 4 pcs rocket parachute

  • Hands flares 6 pcs

  • [object Object]
  • First aid kit

  • Floating sea Achor

  • Immersion suite

  • Miror


Do you know, how to operate it all? how to reverse the liferaft when the time is developed upside down? how do I get into it? anyone who is in favor beforehand? how to operate lumineous signal? and others.

We tried to simulate and teach techniques to survive and use as well as actions that can be done when this happens.

Jungle Survival

Commercial airlines worldwide currently carries nearly 2.5 billion passengers per year. Although often heard news of the plane crash, the actual traveling by plane is much safer than using other transportation. Even the comparison of deaths due to commercial flights is 9: 1.

Indeed, none of them wished death to pick them when traveling by plane. However, to prevent things that are not desirable, we help introduce how to survive when in the forest when the plane crash

If this happens in your life someday, it would not hurt you to know how and techniques to survive in the forest, and you can petrify and coordinate and maximize survivors.


Now is the time to be calm and think positive. It doesn’t sound like much, but optimism goes a long way, and in a survival situation, it starts with you, your attitude and your will no matter how scared and alone you may feel. First, keep a realistic outlook and diligently plan to keep yourself in the best possible physical and mental state. If something isn’t working out, like building a fire or shelter, don’t rush, because that can lead to panic. Stop, breathe and think about what you need, observe your surroundings and organize a new plan.


Take Inventory

Keep every­thing you’ve got, because the second plans going, these items will become your most prized possessions and could save your life. Don’t underestimate the worthiness of even the smallest Tools kids, or any else can used his shoe lace to make a nifty bow and arrow for survival!


Build a Shelter

It’s time to get creative. Familiarize yourself with how to build a lean to; there are various types of shelters you can build and each has different pros and cons. Obviously you want overhead covering for warmth at night and protection from the elements. If you are in rocky, mountainous terrain, look for overhangs. Otherwise, use limbs and leaves or anything that can provide insulation. Pine needles usually blanket the ground in thick batches, excellent for bedding.


Finding a Water

Your body will not last more than three days without water. If you are lucky enough to be near a body of fresh water — good for you, just make sure to boil before quenching your thirst. No water in sight? Continue your search and construct a rain catcher or water still or you can find in a tree.


Alternative Meal

Things can get frustrating when it comes to finding adequate sources of food when you are in survival mode, especially since malnutrition will work you mentally and physically, making you feel weak, cranky and delirious. It’s a good idea to get familiar with edible wild berries and plants for future reference when out in the wild. Also, it’s time to grow up and banish the word  “picky” from your vocabulary. When it comes to sur­vival, embrace anything and everything (carefully) including bugs, eggs, fruit, leaves. Learn to build some simple traps to catch small animals and don’t rely on just one single food source. Protein is important for strength,  know what various nutrients your body needs for prime sustainability.


Light that Fire

Those glowing red flames provide light, cooked food, warmth and protection from predators and pesky bugs. Here are a few tried and true tech­niques for conjuring that mighty blaze:

  • Fire Plow

  • Bow and Drill

  • Lens Method

  • Fire from Ice

  • Soda Can and Chocolate

  • Battery method


One Word: Tool

Keep a pocket knife, or multitool with you at all times, because you never know when you will need it and when you do need it, you will rejoice that you have something to cut, protect and prepare food even if all you have is a crappy, little knife. Now just learn how to sharpen it like MacGuyver.



Survival is your first priority, but don’t  forget you need to get rescued as well. Come up with an action plan in case a plane flies over head or there are are search parties nearby.  easily visible fire pit out in the open or lay out stones in the pattern of HELP or S.O.S. You can also use any shiny, metallic object for reflection purposes.


It’s a good idea to have a compass with you at all times, but if not then what? Get old school and use the stars it’s a lot easier than you think. Also, keep note of rivers, paths or mountains  following  these can lead to roads and civilization.


How Can?

Not to feel this way, but when we are in a condition like this then we must be prepared to deal with it. Learning with reality will make us not to be ready, so we offer a package of how to deal with this. Learning when an accident at sea or in the forest, how petrified fellow victims in the accident? how do we dwell on Liferaft

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